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Why Safer Chemicals?

Companies that fulfill their purpose and responsibilities to stakeholders reap rewards over the long-term. Companies that ignore them stumble and fail.
Larry Fink
Green chemistry marketed-products represented almost 62% of overall market growth between 2015-2019
Green Chemistry Commerce Council
November 2021 Report
Most chemicals are derived from petrochemicals and this industry will account for 70% of the increased demand for oil through 2026.
International Energy Agency (IEA)
2019 Report
Use of hazardous chemicals is considered a material risk for 13 industry sectors including consumers goods, food & beverage, and telecom.
Value Reporting Foundation
SASB Standards
Implementation of non-animal testing for 251 chemicals saved up to $70 million and 150,000 animals.
Stanton and Kruszewski, 2016
Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology
76% of consumers said they would use the Safer Choice label to make purchase, even though only 40% were aware of the program.
US Environmental Protection Agency
2016 consumer Survey


An Extension of Your Team

An extension of your team

While there are many environmental consulting firms, few specialize solely in safer chemicals.

At Safer Chemistry Advisory, we create tailor made solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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2021 appearance moderating panel on regulatory policies and how they drive the use of safer chemicals

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